100 Reasons Why I Love Movies: Part 4

It’s part 4 of the greatest list of movie moments ever assembled. Even the mucky-mucks of Hollywood have been sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for my continuation of this list. Well, the wait is now over and you can revel in my personal reveling of other people’s genius.

I only have three “rules” that I’m trying to follow with this list and they are there just to make it have more variety:
1. Try not to repeat a movie more than once.
2. Try to have two listings that aren’t individual scenes per post.
3. Try to include 1 guilty pleasure per post.

Fair warning: There are spoilers in my description paragraphs and the videos themselves but I will try to keep the bold titles spoiler free so you can easily skip one where you think I might spoil something.

In Case You Missed Them: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Playing the Rich Kids – The Sandlot
This scene is not just awesome because it’s a part of one of the best children’s movies ever, but we get to see some asshole rich kids get whooped by the salt of the earth kids that we all were. Stupid rich assholes.


Shoot-Out Long Take – Children of Men
It’s a rare occurrence that I will rewind (although that term isn’t applicable because it was on DVD) a movie to re-watch a scene after I’ve finished it for the first time. I did it for two scenes in this movie, and this one was one of them. This movie has some of the greatest cinematography I’ve ever seen and if you haven’t seen it you are missing out.


Rocky vs. Apollo Decision – Rocky
No video (sorry folks) but that’s fine because to get the full emotion of the ending you need to watch the full movie. The spoiler is, Rocky loses to Apollo by decision but he goes the distance with him. No one had ever gone the distance against Apollo before and everyone was assuming Rocky would get smashed. He may have lost the match…but he won at life.


The Awesomeness of Jackie Chan
The closest thing to Buster Keaton that we have had. He manages to infuse incredible action spots with hilarious slapstick without cheapening either one. It’s incredible how talented and entertaining he is and yet he seems to get overlooked whenever anyone mentions a favorite actors list.


The Ringer Scene – The Big Lebowski
My favorite scene from my favorite movie. I would be completely shocked if this movie wasn’t my favorite film for the rest of my life, I just don’t see how it could be surpassed. I’m not ashamed to say that I have stopped seeing two different women because of this movie. One told me she didn’t like it, and the other said she “didn’t get it” after I showed it to her. Fucking amateurs.


Your Father’s Passing – To Kill a Mockingbird
It’s a beautiful scene. The fact that Gregory Peck ignores the fact that there doing it is perfect. I feel I would cheapen it by saying anything else considering I’m kind of a goon.


Opening Speech – Rushmore
Bill Murray is a genius, no one will disagree with that. Wes Anderson is pretty great too (some people will disagree with that). This was the first Anderson movie I ever saw and was an immediate fan after this hilarious scene. I am noting an anti-wealth sentiment throughout this post.


Everyone Getting on the Same Rhythm – Delicatessen
Jean-Pierre Jeunet is far and away my favorite international director (cue everyone skipping to the next one). He has a fantastic eye for cinematography whether by colors, sounds, or rhythms. His original stories are all fantasies within real world settings and he introduced me to Dominique Pinon who I think is an amazing actor. He’s the guy painting the ceiling in the clip here (sorry no embed allowed).


The Battle for Helm’s Deep – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The battle is so long that it can’t be captured in one youtube video so I’ll just post the first one since many of you have probably seen it already anyway. I just loved how extensive it was: picking any able body person from the humans, the elves showing up right before the battle to help reunite the bond between man and elf, Gimli and Legolas competing for who would get more kills, the king riding out of the keep with his knights to make their last stand, and the return of Gandalf. Whenever someone tries to be a hipster and tell me that the Lord of the Rings was boring I point them to this battle.


Gizmo – Gremlins
My best impersonation might be of him and I think he just looks and sounds hilarious. The second movie was kind of lame, but the first one is an absolute gem. Listen to the cute little guy sing here.


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