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The Road To Indianapolis: Week 3 and an Intimate Conversation with Tom Brady

Due to the incredibly popular first two installments of my Road to Indianapolis series the commissioner of the NFL has given me the incredible opportunity to interview any player or coach I wish for the remainder of the season. I decided I would make my first interview with the face of the NFL today…Tom Brady.

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The Road to Indianapolis: 10 thoughts on Week 2 in the NFL

Dreary weather has plagued the city of Indianapolis, but one can’t help but feel the heated excitement emanating from the loins of the local business owners. As the national economy continues to take quicker and quicker laps around the toilet bowl, Indianapolis deludes itself with the mentality that the Super Bowl will make it seem like a tourist attraction, bringing in loads of people who want to see things like minor league baseball and the NCAA headquarters. Local residents seem much less thrilled. Their dreams of having their beloved Colts bring home a second Vince Lombardi trophy have seemingly already been dashed. Even worse the hated Patriots, with their superior Front Office and ability to build a complete team and plan for the future, look like one of the favorites to make a run. If Brady jerseys line the streets of Indianapolis come February, the closest thing to a riot Indianapolis has ever seen might take place (or Indianapolis will display it’s legendary apathy).

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The Road to Indianapolis: Week 1 in the NFL

As an ambassador of the state of Indiana (I was never officially elected but I think Indiana likes me speaking for it), I thought it would be a good idea to follow this NFL season and document all the goings on in preparation for the biggest even to happen to Indianapolis since the Great Traffic Gridlock of 1973.

This first week saw many thrills, rookie standouts, some blowouts, a kicker that’s high fiving two other guys at the top of the mountain, and one that’s season lasted approximately 2 seconds. It’s enough to make a guy be hardly able to contain his excitement for week 2. Continue reading