100 Reasons Why I Love Movies: Part 5

The clamor for the return of this series has been deafening so I’ve dug up of 10 more cinematic gems that have been both the ignition and fuel for my movie passion. These may not all be my favorite movies, but they are great moments that for one reason or another have stuck with me.

I only have three “rules” that I’m trying to follow with this list and they are there just to make it have more variety:
1. Try not to repeat a movie more than once.
2. Try to have two listings that aren’t individual scenes per post.
3. Try to include 1 guilty pleasure per post.

Fair warning: There are spoilers in my description paragraphs and the videos themselves but I will try to keep the bold titles spoiler free so you can easily skip one where you think I might ruin something.

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The Hanson Brothers – Slap Shot
Very few people actually like hockey for hockey. They seem to enjoy seeing odd looking fellows punch each other in the face instead (here come the upset hockey lovers to come fight me because they don’t know how to form complete sentences). Slap Shot does a great job addressing that fact and the Hanson Brothers are one of the main conduits for showing it. The scene I included is by far my favorite (make sure you watch until the end), but the whole movie is extremely hilarious. You don’t even have to be a hockey or sports fan to enjoy it.


Ending – Terminator 2
A lot of endings are good, but few bring forth the emotional impact that this one does, especially for guys. I assume it’s for 2 reasons: 1. The quote “I know now why you cry, but it’s something I can never do.” It’s not socially acceptable for men to show their emotions. We are supposed to act like robots in our day to day lives, there to defend our wives and children but not to show anything weak like fear and sadness. 2. Most people see this when they are kids and they think of their dad as the closest thing they’ll ever have to a Terminator like presence in their lives, so when Arnold makes them lower him into the steel it’s a very touching moment. No embedding allowed on this one, but you can find the video here.


Don’t Stop Me Now – Shaun of the Dead
Hilarious scene in a hilarious movie. I just watched this scene 3 straight times and gleefully laughed just as hard each time. It manages to cram so much humor in 2 minutes and 44 seconds of what’s supposed to be a frightening situation that’s escalating rapidly that I can only deduce that both Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are geniuses of film-making. This whole movie is amazing and it’s one of those films that if someone says they think it’s boring or they don’t like it for some reason then I’m positive we won’t be able to have any sort of friendship. Once again Youtube hates me and I can’t embed the video, which is here.


Opening Rave Scene – Blade
I remember when I first saw this movie at a friends house when I was about 14 or 15, and it blew my mind. I think the Blade movies do the best job of capturing what a vampire would actually be like in the modern world; obsessed with receiving constant and extreme stimuli just to stay sane. Just think how much stimulus a normal person needs to not die of boredom. Can you imagine how a being with accelerated senses would feel? Television, books, and pop music just couldn’t cut it. These scene shows just how vampires with little to no self-control (aka the vast majority of them) would act, and it’s also one of the best introductions to an action character that I’ve ever seen.


Chemistry of Robert Redford and Paul Newman – The Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
These two guys are both amazing actors and you truly can’t beat them both being on screen together. I should mention that George Roy Hill directed both films and probably had something to do how great the films are. Of the two I prefer Butch Cassidy because I think it’s funnier and I like funny things. You can watch a scene from The Sting here.



People Who Dispute if Exit Through the Gift Shop is Real
Few people care enough to mention it now, but it was debated during the Academy Awards. Nerds on the internet thought it didn’t deserve to win the Best Documentary award because there were rumors going around that it was a fake documentary designed by Banksy to fool us rubes. In fact, I bet Banksy loved that there was even a debate about it. It seems one of his goals is to get people to think and this film did just that. I don’t really care if it was “fake” or not. Either way it was an amazing take on why and how things become popular (even if they are mostly shit) and how mass appeal can be so easily swayed by a few influential people. Even if he did invent Mr. Brainwash, he still didn’t fake the crowds reaction to his mostly banal exhibit. I still think it should have won. I have never seen a documentary that I found more interesting or entertaining.


Opening Long Take Walkthrough of Serenity – Serenity
It’s great for 2 reasons. 1. It follows Mal as he walks through all the places of the ship that were important in the show. Thus giving fans a first time glimpse of how each set comes together to create the interior of a ship (a great thing to do for sci-fi nerds) 2. People who haven’t seen the show will know who all the people aboard the ship are and what their main character traits are by the end of it. Plus it’s just a really cool shot. No video online unfortunately.


Passing Through the Golf Course – Falling Down
A movie with an anti-hero where half the time you like and agree with him, and the other half he’s does something absolutely nutty and makes you uncomfortable. It’s no secret I hate golf, the amount of nature that has to be destroyed so golf courses can get made, the amount of water they waste, and almost anyone who golfs that I don’t already know and like for other reasons ungolf related. This was a truly heroic scene for me (and probably Carl Hiaasen as well). No embedding allowed, watch it here.


Rapid Fire Dialogue – His Girl Friday
I consider this the most tragically under-watched romantic comedy ever made because it’s hilarious and completely bazaar. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell share a brilliant on screen chemistry that is punctuated by their witty repartee at speeds us mere mortals could only dream to talk in. I couldn’t find any great examples online, but I included a trailer.


Live Action Ninja Turtles – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Few things were as influential to my childhood brain then the Ninja Turtles (that explains why I now fight crime at night with a red bandana over my eyes and take philosophical lessons from a rat). There was nothing quite as magical as seeing the boys from the cartoon in a movie with real life humans. Now, at the tender age of 26, I am shellshocked to think of how dark they actually made the first one (nothing incredible, but they didn’t make it overly kiddy) and I don’t understand why people like the sequel more. That ninja rap shit was unforgivable. Also I should note that Casey Jones was bad ass as well.


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