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Therapy Through the Written Word

Don’t feel too bad Kyle, Indiana’s weather sucks this time of year.

One of the two sport’s teams I give a shit about lost about an hour ago. I watched it in a bar where every other person was either apathetic to the whole thing or were cheering for the other team. The latter were naturally very happy. They cheered and gave each other high fives as they ordered victory shots to pour down their throats between yelps of passionate exuberance. I sat dejectedly sat in my seat, getting glanced at by an apathetic couple like I was in an exhibit. I don’t freak out much when my teams lose so they did not get to witness the show I could tell the guy was aching to see (I think the girl felt sorry for me). Continue reading


100 Reasons Why I Love Movies: Part 6

As I eclipse the halfway mark I’ve found I am starting to be less casual with my picks. Considering I only have 50 left I want to make sure I include all the movies I have stories about or that have touched me in some way. It really shouldn’t matter THAT much, because this isn’t entitled “The Only 100 Reasons Why I Love Movies and All the Rest Are Shit.” But alas it does mean a lot to me. So why I’ll try to finish this series in the next month or two, don’t be surprised if there is a delay (and it’s more than likely not due to laziness, but the madness of trying to include the most important stuff).

I only have three “rules” that I’m trying to follow with this list and they are there just to make it have more variety:
1. Try not to repeat a movie more than once.
2. Try to have two listings that aren’t individual scenes per post.
3. Try to include 1 guilty pleasure per post.

Fair warning: There are spoilers in my description paragraphs and the videos themselves but I will try to keep the bold titles spoiler free so you can easily skip one where you think I might ruin something.

In Case You Missed Them: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 Continue reading