100 Reasons Why I Love Movies: Part 6

As I eclipse the halfway mark I’ve found I am starting to be less casual with my picks. Considering I only have 50 left I want to make sure I include all the movies I have stories about or that have touched me in some way. It really shouldn’t matter THAT much, because this isn’t entitled “The Only 100 Reasons Why I Love Movies and All the Rest Are Shit.” But alas it does mean a lot to me. So why I’ll try to finish this series in the next month or two, don’t be surprised if there is a delay (and it’s more than likely not due to laziness, but the madness of trying to include the most important stuff).

I only have three “rules” that I’m trying to follow with this list and they are there just to make it have more variety:
1. Try not to repeat a movie more than once.
2. Try to have two listings that aren’t individual scenes per post.
3. Try to include 1 guilty pleasure per post.

Fair warning: There are spoilers in my description paragraphs and the videos themselves but I will try to keep the bold titles spoiler free so you can easily skip one where you think I might ruin something.

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Original Songs – Team America: World Police
Some theater experiences are great because the crowd is amazing, some are unique because they look brilliant on the big screen, and some are perfect because you had a great night with your friends. Team America was not a great movie experience for me because of any of those reasons. I went to see it alone and the small amount of people in attendance with me were collectively the lamest audience ever. Nobody was laughing…except for me. It got to the point that in the few parts I wasn’t laughing I would think that all the people not laughing must have thought I was an ass, which made me laugh even harder. Eventually I started to laugh as loudly as possible just to be more annoying to the lame people who were sitting stoically in their seats. I don’t normally try to actively ruin anyone’s movie experience, but I couldn’t fathom how no one else was laughing at all. Especially with the following song, which literally made me cry when I first heard it (I may or may not post it on my Facebook page every time the U.S. beats Canada in Hockey or Britain in soccer).


Opening Scene – Manhattan
It’s not my favorite Woody Allen movie (far from it actually), but it has some truly iconic scenes and the opening to it shows just how great of a filmmaker and writer Allen can be. Big cities don’t appeal much to me, but even Allen can make me wish I was living in New York every single time I watch this.


When Bill Murray plays himself – Coffee and Cigarettes, Zombieland, and Space Jam
As a human being I love Bill Murray. He’s consistently made me laugh through numerous decades of films. He’s even shown how great of an actor he is in his dramatic roles. However it’s possible that his best work is when he does cameo’s as himself. I hated Coffee and Cigarettes, yet I suffered through it so I could watch his scene (and wasn’t disappointed). He carried Larry Bird’s wooden ass through two scenes in Space Jam. I actually loved Zombieland, and his cameo only enhanced my delight. Truly no one is better at playing themselves than Bill “Ghostbustin’ Ass” Murray.


Buster Keaton’s Stunts
Since it’s impossible to pick just one to show you I found a video that had a nice mix of some of his best stuff. It doesn’t have everything (and none of the longer and more elaborate stunts), but it gives you a good idea of how truly amazing he was at stunts  in a time before there was much in the ways of special effects. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t familiarize yourself with Keaton, most his movies are relatively short and every one that I’ve seen has been incredibly entertaining.


The Most Ridiculous Scene in Movie History
No words can describe it…just watch.


Practical Effects
This isn’t going to be a paragraph about why CGI is terrible, despite how fake it can often look or how hard it must be for actors to act appropriately when they don’t see what they are supposed to be reacting too. CGI does have a place and can be made for some really cool shots (Avatar did look dope). I just wish practical effects were used more often in this day and age. Remember how awesome Quato was? That would look stupid with CGI (a point that will probably be proven since they are remaking Total Recall).


GERTY – Moon
This paragraph is going to contain what I consider a big spoiler. Moon is a film where Sam Rockwell is a lone man who is nearing the end of his 3 year contract on the Moon…or so he thinks. GERTY is the computer program (voiced by Kevin Spacey) that keeps him company, keeps everything technical running smoothly, and can report to Earth. The movie gives you the illusion GERTY is going to betray Rockwell and keep him from returning home. Thus fulfilling every sci-fi robot cliche imaginable. I was all ready to roll my eyes and sigh audibly until director/writer Duncan Jones bamboozled me by deciding to have the robot help the human. It was a nice turn and I’m glad they did it that way. Sam Rockwell’s performance was amazing and I would have hated to dislike the movie because it turned into a cliche-ridden mess.


Karl Urban – Star Trek (2009)
I was never a huge fan of the original Star Trek because it was before my time but I did enjoy their movies. My favorite character by far was Bones. He was the negative guy that made smart ass comments (the Ryan Stuckey of Starfleet). I was ultra-excited going into this re-imagining (midnight showing opening night excited) but had my reservations about how Bones would be handled because he had enough of an odd speech pattern that I feared Urban would look ridiculous trying to capture it. My fears would be quenched the moment the character was introduced as he embodied him perfectly. He hit the voice cadence as well as could be done and had the same snark that I loved from the originals.


Animated Action- Kung Fu Panda
Animation rarely gets into semi-realistic fighting action scenes. Partly because they are for kids, and partly because with animation you can make the characters do things that are impossible and no one questions it. Kung Fu Panda definitely has some impossible things gravity wise (not to mention animals doing kung fu), but I’ve never seen such care given to the actual fighting. In this movie it’s mostly sparring/training, but their are some pretty intense fight scenes and they were done beautifully. I included one of the more humorous training scenes because it was one of the few that let me embed.


Extended Fight Scene – Hot Fuzz
Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost are the triumvirate of movie awesomeness. Unfortunately this movie doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Everyone just says, “It’s not as good as Shaun of the Dead.” That’s a stupid comparison, and it’s also just not true. I get just as many laughs as I did in Shaun and the scene at the end of this movie is about as epic of an action scene as you could want. The following clip is only one small chunk of a very long and awesome battle.


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