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10 actors from the U.K who should have been in Harry Potter

Harry Potter was a international sensation. Not only was it famous for making kids go crazy for weird stuff like books, but it also attempted to employ every actor from the United Kingdom in some form. They were so wide-reaching in their attempts to get everyone who spoke English is a more refined way to be in their movies that you can’t help but wonder why some actors didn’t make the cut. While contemplating this question in the therapeutic confines of my shower I came up with a list of actors who should have been in the movies, and what they might have done. Continue reading


‘There are downsides to being this handsome’: Why people hate me for being attractive

On April 3rd one of the great columnists of our time, Samantha Brick, informed the world just how hard it was to be a pretty women. With one brave piece she opened the eyes of the homely masses, showing them just how hard it was to be an attractive with less appealing females constantly making her life a living hell. The hell only a beautiful women who gets compliments and free stuff from men can understand. You can read her article here, but let me tell you it’s infinitely more unbearable to be a handsome man than a pretty woman…this is my story. Continue reading