About Me

The five most important facts about me:

– I had a rat tail (the hairstyle) for a decent amount of time as a youth. Which should tell you a little something about my decision making as a human being. I still contend that the cool factor of the stair steps shaved in the side of my head somehow canceled out the lameness that was the rat tail.

– I am afraid of bodies of water that are deep enough where I can’t see the bottom. I also feel very uncomfortable in aquariums. I used to think that all the glass would break and the animals would kill me in horrible ways when we went to the zoo when I was a kid.

– I have trouble peeing in public places. There are many forces that have to coincide for my body to allow me to evacuate my bladder in a urinal.

– I have been a vegetarian multiple times in my life (although not currently). The first time, I was very young and we had ordered a pepperoni pizza shortly before I decided. I liked the idea of not eating meat, but I didn’t quite realize how much I ate was meat (I was a pretty dumb kid). I ate pepperoni pizza that night lasting about 15 minutes and zero meals as a vegetarian. Since then I have had a few runs that lasted much longer with my longest being a mighty 3 and a half years.

– I take it upon myself to defend Nicolas Cage whenever I see him being mocked on the internet (which is a lot).



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