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‘There are downsides to being this handsome’: Why people hate me for being attractive

On April 3rd one of the great columnists of our time, Samantha Brick, informed the world just how hard it was to be a pretty women. With one brave piece she opened the eyes of the homely masses, showing them just how hard it was to be an attractive with less appealing females constantly making her life a living hell. The hell only a beautiful women who gets compliments and free stuff from men can understand. You can read her article here, but let me tell you it’s infinitely more unbearable to be a handsome man than a pretty woman…this is my story. Continue reading


Therapy Through the Written Word

Don’t feel too bad Kyle, Indiana’s weather sucks this time of year.

One of the two sport’s teams I give a shit about lost about an hour ago. I watched it in a bar where every other person was either apathetic to the whole thing or were cheering for the other team. The latter were naturally very happy. They cheered and gave each other high fives as they ordered victory shots to pour down their throats between yelps of passionate exuberance. I sat dejectedly sat in my seat, getting glanced at by an apathetic couple like I was in an exhibit. I don’t freak out much when my teams lose so they did not get to witness the show I could tell the guy was aching to see (I think the girl felt sorry for me). Continue reading

Daydream Believer

Most of the time I spend behind the wheel of my car I am daydreaming, and in my daydreams I am a survivor.

There are numerous scenarios I pit myself against, usually after ingesting some sort of media revolving around an apocalyptic plot. Continue reading