Quick Takes on the Movies of 2013

I often get asked about how much I liked certain movies in direct correlation with when they arrive in Redbox or appear on Netflix Instant.  The sole purpose of this page is to provide easy access to my recommendations without having to bother with reading my reviews (when I write one) or talking to me directly (which is the worst).

NOTE: These are mostly based on wide release (or VOD) dates in the U.S. Some of these movies will say 2012 in IMDB because they were screened in some film festival in 2011 and weren’t picked up for distribution in time to be released that same year. Also I will not be including short films because no one rents short films and I’ve never been asked for a recommendation for one.

All movies are in alphabetical order within their respective categories.



Really Like:
The Croods – I can’t wait for the sequel when Eep the cavegirl and Guy the human realize they can’t procreate.

All Superheros Must Die – A direct to DVD release with an idea that ultimately exceeded the final product. Still it’s only 78 minutes long and as long as you keep in mind that it’s a low budget movie you can find some entertainment in it.
Broken City – The only thing that stuck out from this movie (good or bad) was Mark Wahlberg’s furrowed brow. I’m sure I won’t remember anything about this movie in exactly 1 year.
Gangster Squad – Over-stylized and a major letdown unfortunately. It was understandably put through numerous reshoots which makes it’s mediocrity at least understandable. I’m still not sure it would have been much better in it’s original form.
Parker – Watch Jason Statham do what he does best, talk in a Texan accent wear cool suits and punch bad people.
Warm Bodies – In the first act of the movie it establishes many “rules” in regards to the zombies, human, and bonies. It then breaks nearly all of them. It’s a fine movie as long as you can reminding yourself that it’s a zombie romance movie and the logic doesn’t matter that much.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – I was hoping Steve Carell would abandon his normal schtick for this movie. He did not. I can understand if people enjoy this movie as there are definitely some funny bits (enough where I was basically on the fence about this movie).
Oz: The Great and Powerful – Franco plays a womanizing dick weed who has about 10 character changes where you think he is going to make the turn into being a good guy. Eventually he does but by then I just didn’t care.

A Good Day to Die Hard – By the end of this movie you will want to die so hard.

Most Hated:


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