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I’m Sensitive About How Sensitive Other People Are


Before the most important game of the Pacers season (something I’ve said about nearly every game this series) I decided I would take a moment and talk about the thing everyone else is talking about, no homo-gate. I’ll be as concise as possible since the game happens to be occurring in 2 hours and I want people to have plenty of time to call me an oversensitive liberal asshole before tip-off. But isn’t typing a sentence saying you will be concise the very opposite of conciseness, Ryan? Shut up. Continue reading


Ultimate Team: NBA

More than once I’ve played the game where you make up a team if you could pick anyone in the game. Sometimes the parameters change regarding who you can pick, but the results are often similar. The majority of the time people pick the best players from the pool of players available with one or two of their favorite players that aren’t necessarily amazing thrown in as well. The problems I have with this way of doing this (yes I have problems with a game very few people outside of nerds on forums have even participated in) is that team chemistry is rarely taken into account and teams have too many of the greatest players so the lists can be repetitve and boring. Continue reading